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Uncle Tom's Clinic is the story of two women, Faith Brandon and Kara Ellison. Faith, a victim of rape while on spring break in Florida, must make the agonizing life and death choice for the child she is carrying in her womb. As the daughter of Dr. Ryle Brandon, nationally known Christian author and President of Justin College, a small Christian college in the Midwest, Faith is too ashamed to tell anyone of her condition. Moreover, she is certain she will lose her boyfriend, Chris, unless she has an abortion. Facing and impossible situation, Faith turns to her best friend, Hope Stuart, daughter of Vivian Stuart, the pro-choice Democratic candidate for Congress. Hope, who has taken a summer job at her Uncle Tom's abortion clinic, offers Faith an easy way out of her dilemma. Meanwhile, Kara Ellison, and her husband, Robert, are struggling with infertility. Their fervent prayer is to adopt a child. Will God answer their prayers?

Uncle Tom's Clinic Cover

The video below contains a dramatic narration by author Jay Mikes of the Preface to Uncle Tom's Clinic, which draws the comparison between the pro-life movement of today to the anti-slavery movement of the 19th Century. In addition, the Preface presents God's view of child sacrifice as it is clearly laid out in Scripture in the Psalm 106: 37-40, Leviticus 18:21, and in numerous places in 2nd Kings, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. As the video points out--the times may have changed and the methods may have changed, but the sin is the same. God abhors child sacrifice, but in America, we thumb our noses at God and sacrifice thousands of children each day on the pagan altars of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

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eBook Version of Uncle Tom's Clinic is now available for purchase on Amazon.com for $0.99.

Reviews on Amazon:

"Once I picked up Uncle Tom's Clinic, by Jay Mikes, I could not put it down! The author has done an excellent job of interweaving the storylines of different families, bringing them together for a stirring conclusion. The characters are believable. Uncle Tom's Clinic is one of those books you don't want to end....it's that good!"

"Prior to reading this book I had an ambivalent view towards abortion. During the book my moral character and value system was challenged to make an educated decision. Whatever your position is on life vs death pre-birth - read this book and be prepared to be emotionally moved."

"Uncle Tom's Clinic is a gripping novel that captures your heart as well as your mind. Its down-to-earth characters face real life problems that culminate in an exciting and emotional ending. In the process, the author also exposes what is behind the scenes on both sides of the explosive issue of abortion. A great novel for our times, and the preface is powerful and insightful."

This is a very education read & while it's supposed to be fiction, there is so much truth to it... I wish it weren't so true that such evil & atrocities happen!! An incredible amount of knowledge & talent is displayed in the writing of this book. If you are or have been (or know someone) who is dealing with infertility, is interested in adoption, or just wants to educate yourself about what the "lump of tissue" really is, read this book!

Pro-Life Golden Rule

Do unto your child as you would have had your mother do unto you.

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