Mini-Gym 101 Mini-Gym Leaper 16H   Super II

For decades the Mini-Gym Leaper has set the standard for power training for all sports. Its patented design providing isokinetic resistance has helped countless high school, college and professional athletes take it to the limit in power training for vertical jump and explosive speed. Companion products include the Mini Gym 101 and Super 2 shown above. Click here to begin viewing the full line of Mini-Gym products.


In 1986, Jay Mikes introduced basketball analytics to the NBA when his company, Strategic Statistics Inc., was contracted to do computer analysis for the Phoenix Suns. Jay's analytics software pioneered many of the concepts used today including possession analysis, individual/team "plus/minus", crunch time reports, lineup analysis, rebounding and turnover percentages, fast break analysis, offensive system analysis, court area analysis, and shooting percentages by area. Jay will soon be making his revolutionary software available to college and high school coaches. For more information visit the Jam23.Net Basketball Analytics homepage.


Basketball FundaMENTALs Also in 1986, Jay Mikes published his first book, Basketball FundaMENTALs: A Complete Mental Training Guide. Over 20,000 English copies have been sold. The book has been translated into German and Japanese as well. In Basketball FundaMENTALs, athletes learn the importance of the mental fundamentals of concentration, confidence, and composure. Athletes will also learn how to use mental rehearsal for skill development and pre-game programming. The book also helps athletes to deal with pressure and the emotional elements. They will learn how to cope with competition. Athletes will learn the proper level of intensity for each phase of the game. In short, athletes will be developing their minds as much as their muscles. Basketball FundaMENTALs will help any athlete take his or her game to a higher level.


Basketball Training As a coach, personal trainer, and author, Jay Mikes has helped many athletes develop as basketball players. Whether it is skill training, power training, or mental training, Coach Mikes has the skill and experience to help athletes at any age develop towards their true potential. In regard to skills, proper form and technique for all the basic basketball skills will be taught and drilled. Athletes will work on shooting, dribbling, passing, defense and rebounding. And since the primary skills are just as much mental as they are physical, the mental fundamentals of each skill will be emphasized in training.  While the goal is to develop well rounded performers, individual strengths and weakness will dictate the training emphasis. Click here to learn more about Coach Mikes's basketball training program.


The Pony Show The latest addition to this site is THE PONY SHOW. If you own a classic car you know that cruise nights and classic car shows are a fun way to show off your classic. But at the Pony Show you can show off your Classic Mustang or any other Classic Car 24 hours a day, seven days a week to a world-wide audience. Click here to see Mike's 65 Shelby or Jay's show winning 65 Mustang. Why not add your classic Pony to Jam23's classic corral?