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Coaches! The age of sports analytics has arrived! With Jam23 Basketball Analytics you have at your disposal everything you need to know about your team at the click of a mouse! See video below. Be sure to enlarge the video to full screen. (Game action video footage courtesy of Kausphoto.com.)

Why settle for the old-fashioned box score when you can know all there is to know about your team? 

How effective is your man-to-man offense? How about your zone offense? Click on Report 1A.

How well does your team fast break? Click on Report 4A.

What is your team's average defensive pressure per possession? Click on Report 7A and Report 7B.

Are you avoiding the low percentage middle area on offense? How often is your team getting open shots vs. contested shots? Click on Report 10A.

The Screen-n-Roll has become the staple of college and professional basketball. How well does your team do executing this basic play? How well do you defend it? Click on Report 40A.

How does a particular lineup perform? Click on Report 83A.

How does your team do both offensively and defensively when a particular individual is in the game or on the bench? Click on Report 60B.

How effective is your offense in regard to certain offensive elements such as feeding the post, screen-n-roll, one-on-one? Click on Report 2A.

Do you know your individual shooting percentages from particular areas? Click on Report 62A.

This is only a fraction of the golden information you will discover about your team using JAM23 Basketball Analytics! Get the information the Pros get at a fraction of the cost!

If you or a member of your staff studies game video then why not keep track of the important factors and elements of basketball success?

JAM23 Basketball Analytics makes it easy to record key data and view a wide variety of reports helping you to evaluate your team and individual players.

JAM23 Basketball Analytics software works on any Windows based machine using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 providing single game and season totals!

Jam23 Basketball Analytics is not for sale. It comes free with the purchase of Power Speed's Leaper Isokinetic Squat Exerciser or Power Speed's Deadlift Power Exerciser. Your purchase must be made through Jay Mikes. For more info, contact JayMikes@jam23.net.

Now available in two versions!

Acquisition of Ball Yes Yes Post Location No Yes
Rebounder Yes Yes Post Move No Yes
Offensive System Yes Yes Post Defense No Yes
Offensive Element Yes Yes Screen Location No Yes
Offensive Move Yes Yes Screen Defense No Yes
Direction of Move No Yes Screen BH Option No Yes
Court Area Yes Yes Screen Ball Handler No Yes
Defensive Pressure Yes Yes Play Result Screener Yes Yes
Lineups Yes Yes Video Pos Marker Yes Yes
Play Result Yes Yes Defensive Play Result Yes Yes
Play Result Player Yes Yes Def Result Player Yes Yes
Play Result Passer Yes Yes Shot Clock Factor Yes Yes
Score Yes Yes Period Yes Yes

Choose the version, Basic or Deluxe, that best suits your needs and style of play. Because there is more to record for the Deluxe version the data entry process takes more time but yields a wealth of team and individual information on post and screen offense and defense. If your team utilizes the screen-n-roll as a primary weapon you may wish to have the Deluxe version. If not, the Basic version is more for you. Use the links below to discover the wealth of information the JAM23 Analytics system provides!

Number One Numbers, Vol. 1: Statistical Insights into the 2013 NCAA Championship Game
Number One Numbers, Vol. 2: Statistical Insights into the 2014 NCAA Championship Game
Number One Numbers, Vol. 4: Statistical Insights into Defensive Pressure
NCAA Sample: Kentucky v. Kansas, November 18, 2014 (Basic)
NCAA Sample: Kentucky v. Kansas, National Championship, April 2, 2012 (Basic)

NCAA Sample: Louisville v. Michigan, National Championship, April 8, 2013 (Deluxe)
NCAA Sample: Kentucky v. UCONN, National Championship, April 7, 2014 (Deluxe)
NCAA Sample: Kentucky v. Wisconsin, Final Four, April 5, 2014 (Deluxe)
NCAA Sample: Kentucky Final Four Stats (Deluxe)
NBA Sample: 2014 NBA Finals, Game 3, Spurs vs. Heat Stats (Deluxe)

Data Entry Panel for the Basic Version shown below:

Data Entry Panel Basic Edition

The New Age of Analytics! Back in 1986 I had a chance to meet with Lenny Wilkens to explain a new type of statistical analysis system using video and a computer that could give a team an advantage over the opposition. Shortly into our discussion Lenny looked me in the eye and said, "Stats don't mean anything." Well, they didn't mean anything to him, but there were others interested in finding an advantage. Unfortunately, for my company, Strategic Statistics, Inc., we were too far ahead of the game to make inroads into a culture steeped in traditional ways of doing things. In recent years, however, NBA and college teams have turned to analytics to find a winning edge over their opponents as more and more teams are warming up to the idea that statistics do indeed matter, as long as they are the right statistics. The following links will give you an idea of how far the league has come in regard to analytics:

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The Perfect Futility of Basketball Analytics
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Embracing Advanced Metrics, Jim Larranaga Looking to Rebuild Miami
How Advanced Stats Changed Bosh's Game
The Pick-n-Roll is the NBA's Old Reliable

The Evolution of Jam23 Analytics

I began to develop my basketball analytics system back in the late 1970s keeping statistics for Ray Meyer at DePaul and Rich Falk at Northwestern. At that time I recorded the data by hand while watching the game live in person or on television. Because of the pace of the game I was only able to record the offensive possessions for one team covering a limited number of categories. Hence, I usually had a buddy doing the data collection for the opponent's offense.

With the emerging technology of video recording and personal computers I developed a more sophisticated system in 1986. I designed the system and my partner, Ian Hadley, wrote the software.  Then Johnny Kerr, Bulls television analyst who also was kind enough to endorse my book, Basketball FundaMENTALs: A Complete Mental Training Guide, joined our enterprise and provided contacts to NBA coaches and front offices. We met with several teams and found some interest in spite of the fact that professional basketball was not yet ready for the computer age. Coaches who did express interest at the time included John McLeod of the Phoenix Suns, George Karl of the Golden State Warriors and Doug Collins of the Chicago Bulls. We ended up using the program to do statistical analysis for the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors during the 1986-87 NBA season.

In the summer of 1987 I did a study of college basketball using my video/computer system and published a series of articles on my findings in Scholastic Coach. The three-part series appeared in the November 1987, December 1987 and January 1988 issues.

1986-87 Computer Study of College Basketball
Computer Study of College Basketball Part One, Scholastic Coach, November 1987
Computer Study of College Basketball Part Two, Scholastic Coach, December 1987
Computer Study of College Basketball Part Three, Scholastic Coach, January 1988

The JAM23 Basketball Analytics software is now available in two versions for professional, college and high school teams interested in finding that extra edge over their opponents. Jam23 Analytics is available by CD or Download.

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